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Morning prayer

Thank you, Adonai, for this new day. Thank you for your promises and protection. I start this day with joy in my heart, knowing, that you’re with me today. Nothing can separate me from your love and forgiveness. You prepared a table for me, and all I need to do is to rest in your peace. Every day is a fresh start. I throw all my worries and troubles on you. You’re the creator of the Universe, and yet you call me your child and care for me so much, that even the very hairs on my head are all numbered. Thank you for your grace and for allowing me to go through this new day with you.

Midday prayer

Thank you, Elohim, for being my shepherd. You make me lie down in green pastures. You lead me to still waters. You restore my soul and my body. Every day, every minute, every second. You walk with me through the valley and make sure I’m safe and healthy. Amen.

Bedtime prayer

Thank you Adonai, that it is your will that I lie down with peace in my heart. Let my sleep be refreshing and my dreams be soothing. Watch over those I love. You’re the one who neither slumbers nor sleeps. I give myself in to your loving hands. Grant me a night of rest. Let my body strengthen, as the healing processes that you’ve placed into my body do their work. May I awaken renewed, full of joy, and with your peace, that is spread over all your children.

Holy Communion

Thank you, Jesus, for your broken body. You let yourself be beaten and tortured so that I can be whole again. You took every single disease and negative condition on yourself because you want me to be healthy. Healthy in my body, and healthy in my mind. All my anxieties, worries, and depressions are gone because my mind is being renewed. All my physical pains and discomforts are gone because my body is being renewed. Cell by cell, thought by thought, second by second. Thank you for your healing.

And thank you, Jesus, for your blood and for the new covenant that came with it. You paid the ultimate price for all my sins and made me free and righteous because you love me so much. You know my every thought—past, present, and future—and still, you love me and call me your child. There’s nothing I can or could ever do to deserve this love. Thank you for being with me, and thank you for the greatest gift of all—your grace.